Meremere video

December 13, 2011

Here’s some video that Kris’ dad took from the weekend that just passed, see his blog for more of the white notch. I couldn’t make it because of work but there is another drift day this Saturday… pity it’ll be raining.

Kris at Meremere 2

October 15, 2011

Two more photos of Kris from the last Meremere cone day. This is fast becoming one of my favourite AEs in New Zealand; it helps that it’s a notch tureno and it sounds like it does.  Keep ruining the show Kris

Do my ears detect a new exhaust? It sounds like Kris has built a louder exhaust for his 4AGTE setup and I must say it sounds delicious! At taupo you could barely hear the car and now you can hear his every movement around the track. Drift cars should be loud and obnoxious, it has definitely made the viewing experience a lot better.