Mark and Mel from BLINK!!!, and Callum from Christchurch. There are some good things happening in New Zealand at the moment!
Top photos are from MGN Inc, second to last one is from adailydream and last one is from awesomepowered

I first have to apologise that the old server that I used to host my photographs off (my mothers) has stuffed up and now denies everyone access to view most of beeoneoneoh. I’m sure you would have noticed if you have tried to view the cream or any of my old posts. It sucks but the effort it requires to reupload and change the links to all 1300 odd posts that are broken is phenomenal. EDIT: Whilst most posts are still not working, I’ve re-hosted and edited some of the cream posts which have scans I’ve done.

Since the beginning of beeoneoneoh I’ve been fizzing on this car, in fact it was one of the first cars I ever posted about. I took some scans a long time ago now (where does it all go?) and I’ve rehosted them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy my favourite Datsun 1200 Coupe below, follow this link to the original post then click the link in that post too (now fixed). It’s a desktop background size too!


June 14, 2012


May 15, 2012


510 Coupe

February 20, 2012

Katsu’s Notch at Taupo

August 9, 2011

With a hole NZ track day under it’s bonnet I bet Katsu’s Levin Notch is feeling pretty stoked with itself. I spent the afternoon out of the wet in this thing with Katsu behind the wheel and I’m glad I did. Him and Adam did a few chase runs which I really hope Olly got on video! There were a few close calls with the entry tires but otherwise good driving all round.

Notch side profile is the digs, you dig?

I really should have gotten some better photos of ol Katsu but in all honesty I was just happy to be on the track rather than taking photos and I don’t regret missing the better runs for some fun. Thanks for the ride dude, the almost stock 4AGE goes well!

I’m so stoked. I was at Keisuke’s place the other night with Nick before we uhh tested his AE86 a bit. I was rummaging through his pile of Japanese magazines and found an old issue of Autoworks, a ‘Retro Car Special Edition’ and what did I find inside? More photos from my favourite car meet! There are always those cars, you know the ones, that are so awesome yet you can only find scraps of information and images of them. This meet is one of my favourites because so many good cars were in one place, most of which are hard to find pictures of. I posted about it herehere and here. The guys up front holding and raising hands? Total sunny bros.

There are too many good cars to post at once so I’ll spread a few of the captures over a couple of posts. This Sanitora gets first mention for being high in my favourites and if you look at the top photo you will see the Hayashi Street B210 Sedan too!

Callum’s KP

July 23, 2011

It’s been a long time coming but finally someone in New Zealand has built a killer KP Starlet. That someone is Callum Gooding from Christchurch. The K series has been binned and replaced with a 16V 4AGE, always a good move and I’m sure it goes much better now. The front struts have been shortened and T3 coilover sleeves have been added with 350LB springs to make up his coilovers; tein keepers hold it together. Cut down springs and KE70 rear shocks temporarily keep the rear on the floor and under those tiny factory gaurds live 13×7 (+7) and 13×8 (0) Hayashi Streets. Callum managed to find one of or even THE last set of 165/55R13 Nankangs in the country which really is the deal breaker here. I really am jealous of this wheel setup. Although Work Excels and SSR MK2s are cool I don’t think many wheels can be as classy and clean as the Hayashi Street in small sizes. One day I shall have my own set too.

Although it’s not certified for the road yet Callum said it’s on the way but only after he has tidied it up a bit. I’m sure you will have heard about the massive earthquakes Christchurch has been having this year; I can only imagine how his chassis is going to handle the torn up roads. Thanks Callum for sending in the photo, I think I much prefer it to any overly processed and posed photo. It sums up working on these cars quite nicely. To see more of this car, check out his build thread on

Full porn shot of my favourite Sunny truck. No fake wheels here.

NA8 and Sichics B110

June 28, 2011

NA8 on Big End Barrels hanging out with Sichics B110 on Hayashi Street CR Via: Sichics Minkara

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