April 28, 2012

When I was in Australia this February I caught up with Ian, a good mate of mine who just so happens to be a Datsun nerd like myself. Between him and his dad he has 3 Datsun 1000s and 3 Datsun 1200 coupes including a rally modified one. Much to my delight we went out to the ‘shed’, which may I add is amazing, and cut up the floor of the KB10 on the hoist to fit a fuel cell. It is being built with the engine which used to be in Ian’s street car, a modified A15 which he let me drive a few years ago around the hills in Wollongong.

We hung out, drunk beer, ate pizza and I became familiar with a car I have been lusting over for years, the Datsun 1000 coupe. I rang out the little A10 in the KB10 in the last photo around the block and fell in love. One day I will own one of these cars! I’d just like to note a practical point: Datsun 1000s don’t have chassis rails running down the floor pan, the rails over the rear axles are perfect for notching and slamming out the front transverse leaf suspension is easy as anything… just saying.

Cheers Ian, can’t wait to build Datsuns with you again one day!


July 11, 2011

A very clean VB10 Datsun 1000 ‘van’ posted right after Senna’s MP4/4, now that’s contrast. I’ve always wanted a Datsun 1000, mainly a coupe but there’s no denying  the appeal of this miniature wagon.

Whats cooler than you’re grampa’s stories of the Datsuns he used to drive?

You’re grampa still driving them THATS WHAT!

So cool infact that he wins the prize. Who cares about the primer patch on the gaurd, look at the thing!

Can’t remember the source of this photo but it wasn’t a hard decision… Right click, Save Picture as.


February 10, 2009

Some factory adverts/trim models

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Garage Goto

January 22, 2009

Garage Goto’s got it going on. Although their website would suggest that they are mainly Alfa fans, it becomes apparent very fast that they’ve hit the nail on the head in choosing another later 60’s early 70’s track car.

Matchbox car gonna to hand your ass to you

Matchbox car gonna to hand your ass to you.
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