Joel’s yellow car

October 26, 2011

I was peering around my film folders for something worth posting whilst I make time to develop these TT photos and how can you go past this? Man it’s been a while homey, looking forward to seeing this hovercraft float around again one day. The kit was a bit roughed up at this time, the front lip was half its normal size. These were the last photos taken of the kranze on the rear before they were sold. C’s garage

November 30, 2010

There was really only one main reason we bought our 7 day JR rail pass and that was the Shinkansen to Hiroshima and the subsequent visit to Mitsuru Power. After a long train ride and an expensive taxi we turned up in front of a long row of cars, each totally different yet completely awesome. Between a S14 and a S15 we peered our head into the showroom, luckily we were expected and received a friendly welcome. Kazuya san and Haruguchi san were busy working on a pair of customers cars, bashing out the gaurds on one so we walked around and checked out their lot. After following their blog and staring at photos of these cars for so long it was really pretty incredible seeing these cars in the flesh, they really are on another level in every detail. I exposed a few rolls of film and got a few shots of the man himself in front of his shop so I will post those when I develop them at home. The cars were parked close to each other, it was hard to get the shots I dreamt of but being there was really enough.

Joel picked up a few parts and when I politely asked if we could call a taxi home we were all very surprised when Haruguchi san brushed it off and said Kazuya san had offered to take us back to the station. We said our goodbyes, each stoked at the opportunity to flex our Japanese/English and jumped into the shop run around.

Although we have had a few run ins with grumpy shop owners, the majority of guys we have met on our trip so far have been all to happy to hang out and shoot the illiterate breeze with a trio of gaijin. Our hopes of the 326 Power crew being friendly were far exceeded and all the effort to get to their shop without a car was fully worth it. Huge thanks to Kazuya san for the lift back and to everyone there for letting us drool over the cars.

ありがとうございます 326 Power

March 15, 2010

I still like this photo. Hi Joel