December 14, 2010

I picked up the colour film I shot in Japan on Tuesday and I don’t think I have ever been so happy with a group of rolls before. I haven’t had the time and to be honest I am a little intimidated by the thought of developing so many rolls of film so being able to simply hand over money and receive the prints was well worth it. Although scans of a print will never come close to holding the real thing; I’ll be posting sets of film, starting with colour. Most of them are from Meihan but there are some keepers from Mitsuru power, Sapporo and Tokyo too.

The above photo is one of my favourites from Tokyo, a spontaneous thought stemming from a real life situation. I dragged Joel over to a pedestrian crossing and asked him to hold up the subway map I had been studying. I love the depth and the repetition of lines between the crossing lines and the subway lines.

I’m really happy how these photos turned out and I hope that the scans can do them even a little bit of justice, stick around and feel free to give me your thoughts.

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