Nick’s garden ornament

March 8, 2012

This thing always makes me laugh. Nick has been drifting this for a while now with nothing more than a locker, BCs and a bucket seat and well… it’s taken a bit of a beating. The last things added to it was a hydraulic handbrake, a pair of Nick S’s Rodders up front and some rack spacers. It wasn’t exactly a tidy example when it first hit the tarmac but as Nick has gotten better and it’s seen more and more track time, the body has taken a toll. I haven’t posted to many photos of it drifting because it’s not the nicest thing to look at but I think it deserves a mention now that it’s looking like something you’d find in a Motorfix field (without the cool history and back stories haha). Winter’s coming fast and hard guys, keen to see you on the track again soon before it’s all rain and penguins.

Why you so happy Keisuke? Is it because you’re drifting your notch after a dope 21st birthday drift session? Yeah I’d say that’s probably it. How about a big mac in your combo there too?

Keisuke, that penis, munches his bigmac in the dying minutes of the day and loves it

Keisuke’s father is over from Japan at the moment and came down for most of the day to get some seat time in. He’s probably over the moon to see the thing actually move after sitting on his property in Japan for 30,000 years

This will be the last meremere day for some time I think. Both Nicks NA6s need a tidy up and in all honesty I am pretty sick and tired of manjis.

Nick and Keisuke painted the cage in Nick’s NA6 a few weekends back now and I shot a few photos of it when I got home from work. It’s black with a red pearl tinted clear coat over it. 95% of the time it just looks black but the odd time it gets in the sun the red comes out. Nick doesn’t have a blog (clearly isn’t very cool) so I suppose his car can live through beeoneoneoh. There are a few track days coming up before the end of the year so as long as Nick keeps this in one piece I should have some more photos/video of it being used up soon.

I am excited… so incredibly excited, for what 2012 will bring (apart from the end of the world) in terms of this group of cars and dudes.

Luke Fendall in his turbo NA6, September 2011

We went to a quiet and sunny cone day at Meremere yesterday and as always, it ruled. I must say for the most part it was dominated by AE86s and NA6s but that’s cool. I didn’t shoot much, instead choosing to hang out in the sun with mates and drive Nicks (above) car a bit. No one stacked their car or took their head off in the wire fence, or even killed any drive train. Impressed.

Adam set up to pass Nick in the last corner, both cars run Billspeer.  Although not quite showing full lock yet, trying to drift Miatas without them sucks big time.

8/6/2011, day of the AE86 2011. In celebration of this (any excuse to go drifting) Katsu and Picket organised a drift day at Taupo’s Track 3 with priority on AE86s and similar low powered cars. The drift gods took pity on the small engines and dampened the track for about half the day. At first I was pretty bummed about this because wet drifting sucks but it was actually a blessing which allowed for proper 3rd gear entries. It was the first time on the track for many so the day started out some what slow but after a few sessions most got right into it and it was good to see everyone improve greatly by the end of the day. The rain stopped in the last few sessions and the track dried out, which made it harder for most of the field but allowed dudes like Brendan and Teeboon in their high power AE86s to get some proper runs in.

I spent the weekend with metal in my eye making me feel and look like death (going to the hospital today to get it out). I also haven’t picked up my digital camera for months now so the photos are kind of rusty but I managed a few pretty cool ones none the less. I’m sorting through them now so expect to see more over the next few days. Mr. Olly J was also there getting video so keep an eye out there. It was a killer day, one of the best track days in a while. Thanks Katsu and Picket for organising and cheers to those who gave me rides, hopefully it won’t be long till I can add some Datsun to the mix.

Nick @ Meremere Feb11

July 15, 2011

I haven’t posted any of my own photos (besides the lightning one) is quite some time but I suppose with it pouring down outside what better time to start again then now. I haven’t shot any drifting in a long time but looking back on the last Meremere day reminds me exactly why we go through all this. Can I just say for all those thinking about drifting a Miata: with the BILSPEER knuckles in it, it really is one of the most fun cars I’ve ever driven. Even with a completely stock engine it was able to manji in second gear – that is, with 5 degrees rear camber and 195/45s.

April 30, 2011

Making the most of a rainy weekend / BBQ Grillin at C’s Garage / April, 2011

April 22, 2011

C’s Garage BBQ and meet / April, 2011