Life has moved on for me and I can’t hold onto this any longer, time to pass this onto someone else to enjoy.
Below is the basic spec sheet. You will notice I haven’t given wheel size for the current set up. This is because I do not wish to sell with them. I have also recently jumped into an Keihin FCR41 carb setup for this car. As it is not 100% with getting the right amount of fuel to them, they will not come with it and I shall sell it with the factory EFI setup as a running, moving, sliding car.

I live on the North Shore of Auckland and you are welcome to come view if you are legitimately going to buy it.

Price: $8,000. I’m pretty firm on the price so don’t expect much movement.
I am not looking to swap it for anything either

Comment if you want to buy it, please no window shoppers


1982 Datsun 1200 Truck
Ex lendich construction
Does a sweet drift and is the funnest car I’ve driven due to being so small

S14 SR20DE w/ S14 gearbox
H165 diff
Shortened drive shaft
New tunnel and recessed firewall with exhaust tunnel in passenger side
Floor of cab and tunnel has been painted with POR15
2.5” exhaust with a single muffler
Braced cabin floor for the new gearbox mount

Factory specs
Factory plenum and alloy inlet tube ending with a pod filter
Factory exhaust manifold
S14 alloy radiator
Two electric fans
Silvia in tank fuel pump fitted to factory B120 tank with baffles fitted

KB110 struts and brakes
Brake master cylinder mounted under dash w/ braided clutch line
Struts converted to adjustable spring platform with shortened pulsar shocks and milled out cusco S13 camber plates
Rear has short and stiff shocks
Reset rear leaves with 1 1/2″ lowering block
Cut bump stops
Roll centre adjusters
Redrilled strut towers for more castor
Recently replaced lower ball joints and tie rods
Has been certified for 13×7 175/50r13 (not the size pictured) wheels and suspension

260z seats
Nardi steering wheel
New handbrake cable

Genuine Datsun fender mirrors in factory location (looking a bit rough these days)
Lendich mustard construction yellow
Stainless steel monsoon window guards

Let me start this by saying that lendich construction COVERED this thing in rust proofing. That is not to say it doesn’t have rust but that the rust proofing is there. There is some rust though which I recommend having removed if longevity is the aim. There is a spot in the passenger side roof gutter, a spot in the rear quarter panel in the seam and some in the front scuttle panel. There is also surface rust in the tray. Overall it’s not the end of the world but it was never meant to be a show piece. It is crazy fun to drive and driving it is the main purpose.

Sorry I thought I had a photo of the engine bay complete, it looks mostly similar to the following:


March 31, 2012

Prince Skyline at Classic Car Nagoya / November 2010

Simple blue C110

July 26, 2011

Clean and simple, that’s what I like and this blue 4DR Datsun C110 Skyline suits that to a tee. That blue looks might classy too.

White 01 510

July 25, 2011

Hiroshima – Single piece cone dish Work Equip 01.

Two Beige Sunny Wagons

July 22, 2011

Two beige Sunny wagons. Both of these are pretty old photos now, the right photo is one of Mike Garrett’s.

White WB310

July 17, 2011

DatsunDA Sunny wagon

July 17, 2011

DATSUN★DA B310 wagon doing it’s thing.

Nigel’s post about the history of his 180SX prompted me to have a look back on the history of my own car. Whilst the past of this little Datsun is no where near as cool or eventful there are some highlights in there. This image in particular makes me laugh at my own idiocy. Parked up on the boat ramp in the middle of a rain and thunder storm taking photos with an umbrella over my head isn’t usually the best idea. Thankfully I got lucky with a handful of strikes right overhead, this was the best. The black centers on the MKIIs really gets to me now, I don’t know how I left it like that for so long! Here’s to fun daily drivers and innocent idiocy. P.S: this is not shopped, you cannot see the pixels.

THE white B210

July 13, 2011

I have posted this car somewhere along the lines before wearing Hayashi Streets but I am prompted to repost it after the XR4 clad sedan in the previous post. THIS is my favourite street B210 and although I prefer the streets, these Watanabe’s sure look good on the white. If you’re wondering on the wheel tire set up, I’m fairly sure that they are 13x8J Watanabes with a 155/60, possibly a 7.5 in the front. The stretch is pretty hefty and no doubt some will hate but it’s pretty hard to ignore how good it looks.

XR4 B210

July 12, 2011

There is a guy in Australia putting together an inspirational build on a B210 sedan like the one above. White, XR4s but with a SR20DE. These photo are for you man, hope your build turns out as cool as this one! On a related note: I rode past a CLEAN KB210 in the best factory colour they came in today and I double take-d as it buzzed past.Huge love for the KB210.

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