King of 86

April 3, 2012

KING OF STREET 86 / I would repost Hiro’s whole minkara if he kept posting photos like this

There’s an unusual amount of colour on here at the moment so I hope to rectify that with a film photo of Keisuke’s beater notch 86.


March 11, 2012


Kris at Meremere 2

October 15, 2011

Two more photos of Kris from the last Meremere cone day. This is fast becoming one of my favourite AEs in New Zealand; it helps that it’s a notch tureno and it sounds like it does.  Keep ruining the show Kris

Katsu’s Notch at Taupo

August 9, 2011

With a hole NZ track day under it’s bonnet I bet Katsu’s Levin Notch is feeling pretty stoked with itself. I spent the afternoon out of the wet in this thing with Katsu behind the wheel and I’m glad I did. Him and Adam did a few chase runs which I really hope Olly got on video! There were a few close calls with the entry tires but otherwise good driving all round.

Notch side profile is the digs, you dig?

I really should have gotten some better photos of ol Katsu but in all honesty I was just happy to be on the track rather than taking photos and I don’t regret missing the better runs for some fun. Thanks for the ride dude, the almost stock 4AGE goes well!

KPR’s AE86 at Taupo

August 9, 2011

I’ve always been a big fan of Kris’s 4AGE KP Starlet and was pretty sad to hear that it was parted out and sold but in the wake an incredibly clean 4AGTE AE85 has been built. Whilst the loud induction from the quads was always a pleasure to listen to in the KP, you can’t argue with turbo power to get you around NZ’s big tracks and that it does.

To see more of Kris’s Corolla build including the KP, check out his blog here. I could list all that has been done to it but I recommend checking it out for yourself. All the fabrication work has been done by himself and it all looks very factory and professional, tip of the hat Kris. Doing an amazing job at keeping a car crisp is cool but babying it at the track is just boring and it’s super good to see he’s not afraid to get into it, dirt dropping it into the sweeping last corner.

It usually has a boss set of Work Equip 03s all round but recently it has received a shiny set of August Feroce which look awesome, even better in the flesh I think. Good to see you out there Kris, hope you enjoy the photos and I thoroughly look forward to seeing what you do to this car in the future.


May 17, 2011

All this talk of AE86’s has given me a notch’on. In light of this, I would like to post some video of HIRO86, my favourite notch. I really think if you don’t at least like this a little then you either have mad denial issues or you weren’t hugged as a child. I think this is possibly the only AE86 that pulls XR4s, probably because he drives well and it’s low?

I’ve posted these all before but I’m sure you’ll forgive me.