I just realised I never got around to posting any photos from the Sunday racing in November! That… was a very good weekend.
The Saturday was the North Island series round which I managed pole position in B grade but wasn’t able to convert it into a win up against Dean Miller on a 70cc water cooled 2 stroke Derbi (who’s also a very smooth rider!). I got 3rd, 2nd and 7th (if I recall correctly) when I stalled on the grid, I was definitely too eager to get ahead of Dean.

The Sunday was a 40 lap race for anyone who didn’t have a partner or didn’t desire to compete in the 2 hour endurance race. Since I didn’t have a partner and I knew how large the field was (stuffed full of incredibly fast riders) I decided to give the 40 lap race a go. My riding fitness isn’t quite what it should be and my arms were stuffed after riding hard for approximately a half hour. The race wasn’t what it should have been with many quick riders who usually race in the grade going for the 2 hour. I took out first place however, and at the same time, my first motorcycle win, stoked.

So now I’ve moved out of the frying pan and into the fire as they say as I put myself into A grade. There is a meeting this weekend at Mt Wellington and with my bike running better than it did I’m eager to get my knee down on the floor where it belongs.


Dean Miller and myself onto the grid straight



December 29, 2012

A typical scene at motorcycle events in New Zealand. Race, sleep, eat, race again.

A favourite of mine, the Yamaha 350 twin cylinder two stroke sounded beautiful.

The Honda RS125 is also one of my favourite bikes and one day I hope to own one. This ’89 NF4 was piloted by a young Australian girl who wasn’t messing around! Awesome.

My dad and I headed down to hampton downs today for the first day of the Barry Sheene Trans-tasman Challenge which runs until Monday. What a day! Sun, fuel and the biggest collection of motorcycles I’ve seen all year. Being trans-tasman, there was a large field of Australian riders there who had imported their bikes for the weekend. The event is aimed towards classic motorcycle racing but there were plenty of late 80’s bikes there too which pleased me greatly.

I shot plenty of photos with more to come including some hot side car action. Head down to Hampton over the next two days to catch the action for yourself, it’s highly recommended.


October 8, 2012

Note: old man in green is my old man. The guy sitting on the bike with a broken arm and doing the honours is Kelly (racing related injury) who I bought the bike from and who built up the engine.

I got the bike on the dyno on Saturday and ran her up to tune the new carb and exhaust in. The last time it was on the dyno it had a hideously loud but well functioning megaphone exhaust which has been swaped off for something a bit quieter to keep the peace. Whilst it was making almost as much power as it was with the megaphone (19.6 vs 20.4hp), the curve was on the piss. A few changes in pilot and main jets and resetting of the fuel floats filled in a large hole in the curve.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a new plug with me because it seemed that the current one was a bit poked. A tighten up of the gap found a bit more in the curve but we left a little disappointed in the result. Although it went off the dyno a huge amount better than it did when it rolled on, the illusive megaphone curve taunted me whilst trying to get to bed that night. I’ll get a new plug and consider having a go at moving the needle around but I’m really dreaming of how to quieten down the megaphone to an acceptable race level.

I painted the seat frame on Sunday which improved it’s looks drastically but with summer holidays coming closer and my wallet tightening further I don’t think I’ll paint it until next year… maybe. Racing is on this weekend and hopefully the rain stays away because I am beyond addicted and I need a hit of racing.

Callum’s KP

July 23, 2011

It’s been a long time coming but finally someone in New Zealand has built a killer KP Starlet. That someone is Callum Gooding from Christchurch. The K series has been binned and replaced with a 16V 4AGE, always a good move and I’m sure it goes much better now. The front struts have been shortened and T3 coilover sleeves have been added with 350LB springs to make up his coilovers; tein keepers hold it together. Cut down springs and KE70 rear shocks temporarily keep the rear on the floor and under those tiny factory gaurds live 13×7 (+7) and 13×8 (0) Hayashi Streets. Callum managed to find one of or even THE last set of 165/55R13 Nankangs in the country which really is the deal breaker here. I really am jealous of this wheel setup. Although Work Excels and SSR MK2s are cool I don’t think many wheels can be as classy and clean as the Hayashi Street in small sizes. One day I shall have my own set too.

Although it’s not certified for the road yet Callum said it’s on the way but only after he has tidied it up a bit. I’m sure you will have heard about the massive earthquakes Christchurch has been having this year; I can only imagine how his chassis is going to handle the torn up roads. Thanks Callum for sending in the photo, I think I much prefer it to any overly processed and posed photo. It sums up working on these cars quite nicely. To see more of this car, check out his build thread on OLDSCHOOL.co.nz.

Full porn shot of my favourite Sunny truck. No fake wheels here.

High society / 53rd Old Car meeting at Hiroshima

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