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November 1, 2011



August 29, 2011

“Oh RUNFREE, how did you know? Say we’ll be together forever”, the FCRs said to the 4AGE

Nick S – 86 Day

August 16, 2011

Three entry photos of Nick S. The flimsy convertible got a weld in cage a few weeks ago, unsurprisingly it stiffened up the car hugely.

Note: factory 1600 with is pretty painful on a dry track unless it’s second gear stuff, can’t wait to nab a drive of this thing with a bit more power


July 20, 2011

One or two photos of the MAJORFORCE AE86s have popped up recently so what better time than now to post some more. I think one of the best things to come out of drifting is the AE86 drift train: a pack of high revving 4AGEs being booted into formation and clinging together like bees. Visions of T50 Japan, MOUSE, Shake of worker and Runfree come to mind and honestly, I cannot get enough – it’s a real eye pleasure to see MAJORFORCE getting in on it.

Black and red, always a good combination and looking better than ever as MF team colours.

On their blog under this photo it said “WET DEATH” and I couldn’t agree more, wet drifting is mighty boring and with semis on the front it may just mean death. It’s always surprising just how good a group of drift cars all the same colour can look. A red Tureno notch has been on my list of cars to own for a long time and seeing this pack of red corollas is a bit overwhelming.

The thing I like most about teams like MAJORFORCE and T50 is that they are just that, a team. They share the same style and go to the same events; it’s all about hanging out with your like minded friends and killing some tyres. I definitely want to catch up with these guys at an event the next time I’m in Japan.

Sourced via the MAJORFORCE Minkara page.

Red – SSR – Z31

July 1, 2011

I’ve always loved the body of ZXs but then again any 2 door car with a long bonnet, swept windscreen, hatch rear and pop up lights is going to look awesome. It seems that classic square-ish coupes are the top of the list for myself and this is no different. I think I like this car particularly because of the headlights, tail lights and side skirts; they all work so well. I think Zeb may have found this pair ages ago, tip of the hat fellow.