I’m going through old film photos and well, there’s a lot of goodness in there. This one’s from the BBQ we had at Adam and Joel’s place for the NZPC article that was published. It’s sad to know that two of these cars have been parted out since :(

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May 25, 2011

It shouldn’t be that hard in all honesty but…. guess the bush car

April 20, 2011

C’s Garage BBQ and meet / April, 2011
Nick’s NA6, Mark’s FC3S, Josh’s E30, Jays JZZ30, Shaun’s S14A, Joel’s S13, C’s Garage KE70, Adam’s S14 build

On the weekend something awesome happened. After years of building, track days and what not, finally most of the cars are together in one spot at the same time! I had to work both Saturday and Sunday but pitched up in the afternoons between howling wind and torrential rain. Many cars didn’t make it unfortunately, I don’t know if we could fit all our friends cars in the driveway. Cars missing from the above photo that were there:  Wazzy’s JZX81, Olly’s 180SX. NZPC is doing a feature on the garage so the next issue should definitely be worth picking up.

More to come

April 13, 2011

FC3S at Kita / Autumn Drift Matsuri / November, 2010

I loved watching this drift, it looked so nimble on those SSR MK1s

April 10, 2011

Phil Brown’s KE25 Corolla is seeming more like a Honda these days, now housing a F20C deep in the firewall. I didn’t get to talk to Phil but by the looks of the SS2000 results from Round 6 at Hampton, replacing the old 16V 4AGE was well worth the effort. #30 placed third overall and  first in the 1601-2000cc class. Nice work Phil.

Rick Bone charges around the outside as Phil and Matthew McBride slip up the inside. How good is this view? B110, KE35, SA22.