S14 @ Suzuka Twin

March 14, 2012

Suzuka Twin Circuit S14

I am excited… so incredibly excited, for what 2012 will bring (apart from the end of the world) in terms of this group of cars and dudes.

May 21, 2011


I did some quick product shots for Adam and Joel a few weeks back of their growing Billspeer line. We both know you want some so go here and tell them you want to go backwards.

red runfree yz

May 15, 2011

This was from the final when the underdog AE86 bum rushed that S14 into turn two, and hugged his rear quarter like he was in to win… as far as I recall he did too. It was quite amusing watching the battles and seeing it win against some ridiculous cars. I’d have to check again but I remember him taking down an R34 with what sounded like the biggest turbo ever. Needless to say the run up to initiation was pretty one sided but as soon as there was a corner in the way it was 86 time.

April 30, 2011

Making the most of a rainy weekend / BBQ Grillin at C’s Garage / April, 2011

April 22, 2011

C’s Garage BBQ and meet / April, 2011

April 20, 2011

C’s Garage BBQ and meet / April, 2011
Nick’s NA6, Mark’s FC3S, Josh’s E30, Jays JZZ30, Shaun’s S14A, Joel’s S13, C’s Garage KE70, Adam’s S14 build

On the weekend something awesome happened. After years of building, track days and what not, finally most of the cars are together in one spot at the same time! I had to work both Saturday and Sunday but pitched up in the afternoons between howling wind and torrential rain. Many cars didn’t make it unfortunately, I don’t know if we could fit all our friends cars in the driveway. Cars missing from the above photo that were there:  Wazzy’s JZX81, Olly’s 180SX. NZPC is doing a feature on the garage so the next issue should definitely be worth picking up.

More to come

February 4, 2011

December 14, 2010

Can you really beat port drifting at night with a beer in hand? By the looks of these roads it has been happening for years, and by watching the countless amounts of cars hit these corners with buckets of speed, it has clearly helped the local drifting talent. We stayed out to watch on my birthday on a Friday and went back on Saturday for more. On the Friday the local convini was packed out and there were a few pros out in their competition cars getting in some practice, team battles and all. The concrete divider to the right in the above photo had a gap in it just large enough to fit a car through and a few brave drivers were coming in hot and just making the switch, I was impressed.

Most of the sites we watched at were a long straight of manjis linking into a wide hairpin or a sweeping 90 degree, simple and fun. The roads were stained black with tyre and every so often the gaurd rails showed evidence of an interesting night.