May 6, 2012


April 26, 2012


April 23, 2012


April 21, 2012

I stopped updating beeoneoneoh on my sunny some time ago because I’m really just making a million small things and piecing together systems which aren’t very interesting. Here’s some progress you can see! I built the inlet and cut up the radiator outlet tube two weekends ago and asked Adam to weld them up for me last week. His TIG work is clean and I haven’t been using ours enough to do a good job. The inlet tube mounts to the cam cover bolts but haven’t been welded on yet. I made sure the inlet was as long as I could make it because I’ve heard they don’t run very well otherwise. Unsure if that’s true but it was easy enough to do so I’m not fussed.

Last weekend I made and welded on the lower radiator mounts to the front cross member. I also TIG’d up the water outlet tube that I modified from the engine, you don’t see it so it’s alright that it’s not beautiful. The radiator is plumbed and awaiting the radiator support panel to be riveted back together so I can make top mounts. I made most of the multi piece joiners for that today but that’s last to be put together so I don’t have to drill out the rivets if I have to remove the engine. The banjo bolt came in for the clutch reservoir during the week so the clutch is complete and just needs bleeding. There really isn’t anything large left to do on this but it’s these small things that seem to take forever.

Edit: clutch works, exhaust is almost done.

Nigel’s post about the history of his 180SX prompted me to have a look back on the history of my own car. Whilst the past of this little Datsun is no where near as cool or eventful there are some highlights in there. This image in particular makes me laugh at my own idiocy. Parked up on the boat ramp in the middle of a rain and thunder storm taking photos with an umbrella over my head isn’t usually the best idea. Thankfully I got lucky with a handful of strikes right overhead, this was the best. The black centers on the MKIIs really gets to me now, I don’t know how I left it like that for so long! Here’s to fun daily drivers and innocent idiocy. P.S: this is not shopped, you cannot see the pixels.

White sanitora + mesh

July 2, 2011

Carbon facelift bonnet. An extended GX-5 stripe. Nice height and a clean body. I thoroughly enjoy simple kyusha.

Kyusha Mash

June 30, 2011

Via: Blacktail 61

I just remembered I had saved these photos of Kuni’s old square light sunny truck! It actually had quite a bit done to it and no doubt would have sounded awesome through those Solexs. More here and here

2 Clean B110s

June 25, 2011

It seems the more I search the more I come upon amazing sunny builds and I keep thinking about the effort that gets put into them. Its huge and I can only wish more had the care, patience and money to do these cars justice like the two cars above. Via: Sanikichi

Expression Sunny Truck

June 22, 2011

Whilst I’m some what on the topic of Sunny Trucks and bracing, it’s probably a good time to have another look at the Expression Sunny Truck. Now that’s some tray bracing!