June 5, 2012

This guy took one of the best wheels ever made and fit one of the coolest Japanese classic ‘small’ cars (although not a two door) around them. 200% filled with car envy.


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May 14, 2012

TWO OF THE BEST. VIA: sayohonda

Silly 1000

February 21, 2012

510 Coupe

February 20, 2012

Firestarter B210

February 19, 2012

Nick’s new quick release

November 10, 2011

As far as cheap and clean goes, Mazda nailed the interior for their NA6 and I think the only alterations worth doing are ones which will elevate the level of cleanliness. Nick’s done a pretty sweet job at keeping it low key and his new quick release for the Nardi only adds to it all whilst keeping his paranoid mind at bay. I had yet to properly photograph that alluring cabin so when we fitted the QR on Tuesday after drilling out Keisuke’s wheels I couldn’t help myself. I shot these in colour which I’m pretty happy with but then I started to play with a greyscale version and had to make the decision, greyscale runs through my veins! Next I’ll somehow have to try squeeze myself and my camera in there to take a proper shot of the seats and cage.

We went to a quiet and sunny cone day at Meremere yesterday and as always, it ruled. I must say for the most part it was dominated by AE86s and NA6s but that’s cool. I didn’t shoot much, instead choosing to hang out in the sun with mates and drive Nicks (above) car a bit. No one stacked their car or took their head off in the wire fence, or even killed any drive train. Impressed.

B10 sled has some new wheels

September 1, 2011

You may remember that I posted a photo or two of this car a while back, much to the disgust of a few viewers. I have a small hunch it was the matt black and the 17s that was doing it but recently the 17s have been ditched for some gold Riverside Riverage wheels, much better. I myself aren’t very much into 15s on such a small car but hey, how often do you see a B10 this slammed.

This is the first time I’ve actually seen any photos of the airbag set up and I was surprised to see it’s a rocker arm setup, probably because of the huge lack of space in that tiny boot and between the H145 and the floor. I’m pretty stoked it still has the little A-series engine,they always look so damn good in a B10 engine bay. Love it or hate it, you can’t help but chuckle at the idea of an air bagged Datsun 1000. Takuchan for his yahoo blog and Bochibochi Go! for a few more photos

Kyusha Matsuri Scans 2

July 28, 2011

Too much cool to comment on

326 Infiniti

June 17, 2011

I was looking through my photos from Japan for Casey and felt this one needed to be posted. How good does this 326 Power Infiniti look on blood red 19″ TE37s?