November 2, 2012

I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of over fenders on small japanese classics but there are a few that do it so well that you can’t help but like them! If you’ve been following beeoneoneoh since the days where I would post b chassis photos every day, then you will remember Teruhisa Inoue’s KB110. If not, feast your eyes on the TECHNICAL FACTORY aggression brought to you by the one and only Park (Mr. HIGHTOPFADE). Follow this link right here to see more crispy photographs of these beautiful body lines.

I follow about 3 different TECHNICAL FACTORY yahoo blogs but none of them feature this car in depth. When I find it I’ll post it. Thanks Park!

EDIT: Oh I forgot, here is a link to his Minkara page. There are some cool photos in there too!


April 16, 2012

With a friend off to Japan in the weekend and a few others soon to depart I have an urge to be back there myself (as if it ever really stops). Looking through the photos from the trip we did in 2010 made me realise I never posted close up photos of THE rust wagon, Nozomu’s battle machine. There was this one though, and I keep going back to the smooth tones my Rolleiflex makes but for the most part I haven’t shown a lot from this car.

In all it’s rusty…

… 4age…

… and holy glory, I must admit, I love this thing. The pure essence of drifting without a care in the world.


April 15, 2012


86 @ YZ

March 27, 2012

Buuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mmmm buurrrrrrrrrrrrr

Catch up

July 4, 2011

Looking back

I’m on university holidays now and damn is it good. I’ve been hammering along on my truck and it’s getting nearer to start up time! I haven’t been taking any progress photos and was going to do that today but instead spent the day assembling the BP 1800 engine for Nick’s Miata.

The tunnel was finished, all sealed up and primered when I went to build the exhaust and found that the exhaust tunnel I made next to it was a touch small for the 2.5″ tube  at the gearbox cross member. I unwillingly cut into it and built a bulge around it so now it fits no problems. I have used the factory cast exhaust manifold and modified the 2 into 1 section and the collector to fit the small sunny. It’s never nice to do something that you know you will be redoing later but I don’t have the time to build a proper manifold right now and I just want to get it running already!

The pedal box has been done for some time now but I pulled it apart, cut a notch for the line to pass through and painted it recently; it’s now ready for plumbing. The outlet of the civic radiator I’m using has been angled and I have mounted and mostly plumbed it using a mix and match pair of hoses. A sheet metal shroud is on the list to make sure it does it’s best. I’ve had to redo the rear brake line because of the larger tunnel as well as run new feed and return lines for fuel. They are mostly done but I need to pull the SR (for the hundredth time) to finish the engine bay portions. I cannot remember if I ever posted it but I got the drive shaft shortened a while back so the drive train is all done too.

I still need to buy a few things, clutch and line, battery, fluids, mufflers etc but funds are low so hopefully it doesn’t hold me back to long. I’m sure you’ve noticed I have been posting other’s Datsuns as of late. It started because of the ease of doing so when studying but now that I’m working on the Sunny again it’s been great motivation! I’m still taking and processing photos but most of my focus is on this little truck so hopefully we’ll both see more photos of it going soon enough. For some of my latest film work check out my photography blog here or the facebook page I started recently. There’s a few track days coming up soon and we’re all working fast to get there, hope to see you all there but for now, I’m going for a surf.

Kyusha Mash

June 30, 2011

Via: Blacktail 61

Technical Factory KB110

June 14, 2011

Technical Factory KB110 looking pretty good! Not much else to say really, it’s pretty perfect in it’s style. The facelift bonnet, TS chinsupo, bubble flares and bob tail fit super well together. Above all that though, it’s clean and straight!

Via: sunnyday and crewday!!

November 21, 2010

There really is nothing to complain about from the 2010 Autumn Drift Matsuri at Ebisu, but if someone was that way inclined it’d be that there weren’t enough classics getting a work out. The only old Datsun I saw was this B310 Sedan, still running it’s A-series engine and now sporting SSR MK2s and a block TS front bar. This was a Drift Matsuri and as expected it wasn’t show car material, however when shooting a session at West Course I could hear it’s wail coming over the hill above the other cars so you know it was earning it’s keep.
Click for a full frontal 310 shot

August 17, 2010

June 13, 2010