R.I.P Corolla wagon

September 22, 2011

R.I.P Corolla wagon

Teeboon – 86Day

August 21, 2011

Why? Because Teeboon

86 Day Video – Olly

August 19, 2011

Solid video from Mr. Olly J

Nick S – 86 Day

August 16, 2011

Three entry photos of Nick S. The flimsy convertible got a weld in cage a few weeks ago, unsurprisingly it stiffened up the car hugely.

Note: factory 1600 with is pretty painful on a dry track unless it’s second gear stuff, can’t wait to nab a drive of this thing with a bit more power

Katsu’s Notch at Taupo

August 9, 2011

With a hole NZ track day under it’s bonnet I bet Katsu’s Levin Notch is feeling pretty stoked with itself. I spent the afternoon out of the wet in this thing with Katsu behind the wheel and I’m glad I did. Him and Adam did a few chase runs which I really hope Olly got on video! There were a few close calls with the entry tires but otherwise good driving all round.

Notch side profile is the digs, you dig?

I really should have gotten some better photos of ol Katsu but in all honesty I was just happy to be on the track rather than taking photos and I don’t regret missing the better runs for some fun. Thanks for the ride dude, the almost stock 4AGE goes well!

Adam set up to pass Nick in the last corner, both cars run Billspeer.  Although not quite showing full lock yet, trying to drift Miatas without them sucks big time.

8/6/2011, day of the AE86 2011. In celebration of this (any excuse to go drifting) Katsu and Picket organised a drift day at Taupo’s Track 3 with priority on AE86s and similar low powered cars. The drift gods took pity on the small engines and dampened the track for about half the day. At first I was pretty bummed about this because wet drifting sucks but it was actually a blessing which allowed for proper 3rd gear entries. It was the first time on the track for many so the day started out some what slow but after a few sessions most got right into it and it was good to see everyone improve greatly by the end of the day. The rain stopped in the last few sessions and the track dried out, which made it harder for most of the field but allowed dudes like Brendan and Teeboon in their high power AE86s to get some proper runs in.

I spent the weekend with metal in my eye making me feel and look like death (going to the hospital today to get it out). I also haven’t picked up my digital camera for months now so the photos are kind of rusty but I managed a few pretty cool ones none the less. I’m sorting through them now so expect to see more over the next few days. Mr. Olly J was also there getting video so keep an eye out there. It was a killer day, one of the best track days in a while. Thanks Katsu and Picket for organising and cheers to those who gave me rides, hopefully it won’t be long till I can add some Datsun to the mix.