August 17, 2012

Cleanliness is paramount.

YZ West 2010

March 25, 2012


Black KE70 Feature Scan

August 4, 2011


C10s at Historix 2010. via: only one


June 13, 2011

CANDY ★ ALLSTARS 510 / 53rd Old Car meeting Hiroshima

KPB110 LZ14

June 10, 2011

The first two photos via Nostalgic Hero Minkara, next two via AMPIO and last one via Jin. Click for wallpaper size!

May I get a round of applause please for the forever excellent LZ14 powered Datsun B110 Excellent! SS KUBO has revived this particular car and was out on the track in January. Man, what I would give to drive this car around Tsukuba. The Sunny Excellent was a special late factory version of the B110 which had a larger tunnel as well as a longer front end to house its L14. The LZ is a race bred version of the L series which may be more recognised in their 6 cylinder variant. A twin cam, cross flow, 4 valve head which sits on the L series block brings the otherwise common technology to the pointy edge of the time. Upon it’s release, the ~200HP Sunny Excellent made itself known by winning the 1973 GP. The LZ eventually morphed into the LZ20B which was decompressed, turbo’d and fitted to the Tomica R30 and S110.

From the outside the extra length is quite noticeable but this is the first time I recall taking a proper look at the engine bay. It’s safe to say that the engine swap was much more than just that and everything from the firewall and strut towers to the radiator support were revised. Huge respect for SS KUBO for maintaining such a car and I can only hope that I get to hear it wail for myself one day, until then, turn up the volume for the video below!

May 31, 2011

I would like to nominate part one of Alexi’s Hachido Rokubu Kanari Juushou coverage as the post of the month. There were at least 3 AE86s in that post that made me yearn for the howl of a 4AGE but I think I only got a third of the page down before scrolling back up to this photo. This is very close to how I’ve always imagined I would build up my own one day and it really hits home as to how good these things can look. Bar the funky bumper fit and the black bonnet, the Air:yous hatch makes me pine.

I asked Alexi if he had any more information and it seems odd that this is the first we’ve seen of this car, well, maybe not considering the saturation of good cars in Japan. I did some digging around of my own and came up with a few sources including their website but no mention nor further images of the car. How scary is the Internet though? After about 5 minutes of searching I was google street viewed outside their shop in Ebina City and looking at 4 AE86s, 3 red and a silver. I went from knowing nothing about the car or shop to knowing exactly where I wanted to go if I was ever in that location.

I await the forthcoming parts of this meet and if it contains cars similar to what we’ve seen so far, it will be worth it!


May 16, 2011

I’m pretty sure this one is still a regular

red 86 yz

May 13, 2011

Land of the AE86! Two very differently styled Levin hatches for those dudes who fizz off these things / YZ West Circuit / November, 2010