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May 28, 2012

VIA: Someone clearly living excellent car culture in Japan

Why you so happy Keisuke? Is it because you’re drifting your notch after a dope 21st birthday drift session? Yeah I’d say that’s probably it. How about a big mac in your combo there too?

Keisuke, that penis, munches his bigmac in the dying minutes of the day and loves it

Keisuke’s father is over from Japan at the moment and came down for most of the day to get some seat time in. He’s probably over the moon to see the thing actually move after sitting on his property in Japan for 30,000 years

This will be the last meremere day for some time I think. Both Nicks NA6s need a tidy up and in all honesty I am pretty sick and tired of manjis.

MAJOR boner

December 22, 2011

Is anyone ruining the show more than MAJORFORCE and HIRO86? 1 Vote for best AE86 dudes

Keisuke’s Superstars

November 9, 2011

Keisuke had some new lips made up for his 6.5J Superstars a while back to turn them into these, 14×8.5J -22. Awesome.
He brought them over last week and I drilled the lips to suit the centers pattern and last night stuck the low profile air valves in so they’re ready for tires now. If you have followed BEEONEONEOH over the three years I’ve been posting you’ll know I’m a complete whore for wheel photos so I took the opportunity and the calm cloudless night to shoot a few photos before they get thrashed. I’m pretty happy with the photo but wish the centers had been polished whilst they were out, look a bit dull in the harsh white light compared to the new lips. I’ll have to take another photo when they’re on K’s AE86.


July 15, 2011


Here’s a few more photos of this totally awesome 1600 sedan because well, it’s awesome. One more in the link above too. Man 510 rear ends camber out when they’re low and this car is making use of every degree of it. Note the change between Hayashi Street CRs and Equip 01s. More 510 coming.

I just remembered I had saved these photos of Kuni’s old square light sunny truck! It actually had quite a bit done to it and no doubt would have sounded awesome through those Solexs. More here and here

January 31, 2011

This photo doesn’t do a good job of displaying the enormity of this wall of wheels, this is as wide as I could get the photo…standing on a staircase. Down the bottom, Joel and Damian stand perplexed on the ground floor of Super Autobacs.