I spend my life with my eyes behind a lens, my hands in the engine bay of old cars, my feet planted on a surfboard and my head in the clouds.
I’m happy you stopped to view my images, stay a while if you please, say hello once in a while.

You can contact me at christopher@beeoneoneoh.com


Note: Bee one one oh = B110 = Datsun 1200. My truck is actually a GB120. I had a VB110.


81 Responses to “About”

  1. Bill said

    Hello! First off, great to see some fun stuff going on in other parts of the world, particularly involving vintage Datsuns! I’m an American 510 owner and I was hoping you’d allow me to post your two photos of Tony Goldsmith’s outrageous 510 on a Datsun enthusiast website? I’d be happy to provide full credit if this can be permitted. http://datsun510.com/photopost/index.php

    Thank you!

  2. anth said

    im loving your blog man…keep up the good work. go the datto!!

  3. Bryan Cliff said

    Hey guys.. This is bryan(works1200) off of datsun1200.com and I just came across your site. Sick!! Very well put together :) I’m currently working on my brothers 71 4 door 510. SR20DE block with an SR20VE head. 20v cam angle sensor and AE111 ITB’s with a custom manifold. All run by a Haltech E6X. Coilovers and 15×7.5 -5 matte black SSR reverse mesh. Should be running in two weeks.


    • beeoneoneoh said

      Hey Bryan! Long time now hear. Good to see you’re still on the datto ‘Scene’. I will give you an email dude.

  4. colink said

    Great blog you got here keep up the great work

  5. Jon said

    Found this article today on the 1200


    Great blog by the way. I own two 1200’s (one sedan and one coupe) and have been working on the coupe for a couple of years now. In Canada we don’t have many of them around so its nice to see the car getting some attention.

  6. Great Weblog chris..! I enjoy seeing what you find on the net. I have linked you
    off my blog. Hope that’s ok?

  7. downlow said

    Great site! I like it, I’m planning on getting a sunny truck.
    What suspension are you running on? Your truck is too cool! good job

    • beeoneoneoh said

      I’ve done the make my own coilovers with sleaves/seats and shorter and shortened shocks but by far your best bet is to get some fulltap coilovers from something (anything short, honda etc) and weld the bottom sleeve to your stub axle. Reset rear leafs, with a soon to be chopped chassis

  8. Andycam01 said

    hi mate great work im in nz i have a 88 r31 and am trying to find a set of small deepdish wheel for it any help would be much appreciated cheers

    • beeoneoneoh said

      Is it a coupe? Check out Yahoo Auctions Japan for some 14s or 15s, you’d be able to fit some massively wide wheels under that thing. In conclusion, watch this video atleast 27 and a half times, making sure to pause it to take note of how low it is. Good luck

  9. Phil said

    Great blog – really enjoy it!

    You’ve probably seen this as it’s getting a bit old now http://s38.photobucket.com/albums/e138/turbo_phil/Other/?action=view&current=DSC01935.jpg If not I’m happy to lend to you as long as it comes back in cherished condition with no love sauce on the pages. ;-p

  10. d1-karter said

    Hey mate,
    great blog, im loving the old skool japanese stuff, cant find this anywhere else in English anyway!
    This may be a bit wierd and FYI, but since you love the b series utes, I know a guy who had an awesome little one. His name is Paul Lecren and he races a TQ midget at western springs. Not too sure if he still has it, but I loved walking to school years ago watching him snake it up the road on his way to work. haha From memory he had lots of spares for them too.

    Anyways keep up the good work, yours, C’s garage and Ollys blogs are keeping me in touch with the nz car scene from over here in the uk.


  11. azrain said

    hey chris! im azrain from malaysia and i just love ur blog,do checkout mine http://www.freedom-spec.blogspot.com

    here is something u might like :)

  12. enoezam said

    I’m lovin the new banner. Looks so clean, but still hella nice. Also nice truck. I don’t think we have those in the US.

  13. Luke said

    Hey bro cool site.I own a 1982 roadstar and was wondering where you got your front lip from or made?

  14. I quite love your blog. Wanted to add it to my blogroll if you agree? You can do the same if you want

  15. Han Solex said

    Chris, I was hoping to use an image of yours and a link to your site about the Lola in the garage piece. Let me know if that’s cool with you. Thanks! -Han

  16. Japa said

    Hi Cris, i´m from Portugal and i love your blog it´s alredy for me a every day must see.

    Me and some friends have a small forum about Datsuns and i´m asking if i can use some of your cool photos in the forum, i have many photos of portuguese racing datsuns if you whant somes just lete me now.

    Keep up the good work

  17. […] B110 again..guys shots are […]

  18. Richie S. said

    Hello!! Just Dropping a line and Giving Much Props to a Sik site. I’m From Las Vegas,Nevada. Starting to do some research on the B110 coupe. Thanks.!

  19. Jen said

    Hiya :]

    Just wanted to say thanks for the credit on the “CHCH Meet” photo (and the link to the rest) :]
    Loving your photos :]

  20. slims246 said

    Hey man I’ve been following your blog for a while and it’s just great.

    You actually inspired me to start try some blogging and start up my own blog about my 1981 B310 restoration.

  21. HeroStyle said

    Hey, I wanted to ask you a quick question about the pair of Mk2 you just sold. They were 13×9 -20 so were those A Type dish? I’m wanting to bid on a set of wheels and they are the same specs but do not have the offset listed. I assume A type is -20 but I just figured you knew for sure.. Thanks!

    • beeoneoneoh said

      haha yeah I saw you were oogeling them. Pretty certain they were A type. Can’t be 100% certain but I would bank on them being -20 (measured)

      • HeroStyle said

        Haha I sure was man! I’ve always loved the look of tiny wheels and was between 14″ and 13″ for my 86. Your pair made my mind up. Anyways, thanks for the info!

      • beeoneoneoh said

        13s on an 86…. hope its totally on the floor! Should go 14s man

  22. virtuosalite said

    HI, first, I just wanna to let you know that i’m following your website since a lot of time and I really appreciates it; beautiful picture, posts and comments ! Continue like this.
    Secondly, i’m starting in the creation of a blog and I wanna know what is your wordpress theme ? If you do not want to share it, it’s ok .

    Keep on working !


  23. Brandon said

    Hi there, Love the site! full of JDM goodness!

    I was wondering f you had any side on pics odyour 1200 with your 13×7 performance superlites fitted?
    I’d love to see it, thinking about getting a set for mine.

  24. enoezam said

    What’s the A15 like? I just got a completely stock 71′ B110 coupe. I have no idea what to expect out of the stock A12? I think that’s what’s in it.

    • beeoneoneoh said

      A12 are really slow but super good on fuel. Do yourself a favour and swap in an A15. You need a 1200 truck engine cross member and use the A12 gearbox (56a) and everything will bolt in except alternator wires are on opposite sides. A15 is 10X better than A12 in standard form. Get a B310 A15 instead of a Vanette A15, they have better factory cams

  25. Joseph said

    hey love the feel of your blog. i was woundering if we could throw a link up on our blog for you and maybe you could do the same? either way keep doing what your doing my friend

  26. Eric said

    What’s up man!??! Been checking the blog for a while and I thought I would show some love and put you in the blogroll that I finally have going on mine…. keep at it!!! And I can’t wait to see the SR20 in the Sunny….. that’s been my dream shop truck for a while :)

  27. Damien M said

    beeoneoneoh…. Amazed, Supurb Blog to say the least. I came across it recently and spent a few hours flipping through all the past entries. “Blown away”… The 110 is looking great and now being SR powered has to be quite the fun machine. Would love to see some new photos of the sunny, no doubt the 110 would walk my 521 hands down! Killer 7D as well, Im kickin’ coins together to stepout of my Xti and into one.
    Stay cool and keep it real bro.
    Damien M

  28. Dan said

    Hey, liking the blog, just a quick note to ask if i can use one of the pics of the 33 GTR from the Hampton drift day? Its my R33 and I am looking to sell it soon and those photos would be great to help advertise? Thanks Dan

  29. Ben said

    Hey Chris, im currently building a coilover set-up on 120y struts for my b110 sedan.
    Just looking at all the shock options, what would be the best for going low and fairly stiff? At the moment i’m thinking the Pulsar inserts and,
    I read on the thread that the golf/rabbit inserts are different thread size, will that effect much, cos i have Cusco b110 camber tops, or should i just use the Pulsar ones?
    Im after a very similar look to your truck, and i’ve already got the wheels and stretched tyres to suit!
    Let me know your opinion cos you have more experience with this than me.
    Thanks Ben

    • Lets see a pic of your sedan Ben.

      I shortened the strut to fit pulsar ones myself, and then shortened the shock leg also to remove some more length out of it. I wouldn’t go down this option again unless it was going to 100% be a street car and being low was the only real worry.

      If it were a street car or done on an ultimate budget then I would use the MK1 golf inserts – they are stiffer and 10mm shorter in the body. You would shorten the shock leg anyway so it means you can turn the right thread needed into the shock leg for the camber plates too. I have a 250lb spring in the front but I am wanting to go stiffer, in fact I want to stiffen up the whole suspension setup some more. Previously I had the 120Y swaybar in there which is thicker also but I’m putting the factory one back in, generally you want stiff springs and a smallish swaybar or softish springs with a heavier swaybar, or at least that is what I have been told from track racers and have read it a few times too. It makes good sense though.

      Like I said before, I myself won’t go down the shortened strut and shortened factory insert route again. Instead I am going to adapt a body adjustable (full tap) coilover setup from something like a FWD honda or the rears of an NA MX5, S2000 or similar. I suggest these because they are super small already, S13 ones are too long for a B110 to actually go low. The lower cups/brackets/sleeve needs to be steel to weld to the factory stub axle however, some are alloy. Doing this means you have an adjustable shock, height adjustment rather than just spring adjustment and a more efficient system that you shouldn’t have to touch again. Do it properly first time.

      With a low 1200 comes a few castor issues too but that’s another can of worms

      • Ben said

        this is a link to my build thread on Datsun1200.com

        I only plan on going 3″ lower all round to be tuckin’ the 15’s ive got, so I don’t need to take drastic measures to make it ultimate low!
        Just after that clean look with a fair track-inspired ride, as im planning on using this car in the distant future for racing purposes only. And as you said may aswell do it right the 1st time.
        Will the Pulsar shocks allow me to get this result? And why did you shorten the shock leg, and what benefit do you get?
        I am looking at getting the Otomoto coilover sleeve kit and the springs rates are 4-8kg/mm just wondering what springs i would be after?

  30. Shane said

    Hey keep up the great work, I check your blog on a daily basis.Japan looks crazy can’t wait to see more pictures from you trip.

    Shane Teamlimit.com

  31. ants wong said

    you got some pretty sweet photos man..! keep it up!

  32. Yanny said

    hey dude…just found this, AWSOME pictures….the “cream” section is just amazing, ive been searching all over the net for oldschool retro jap cars like that! thank you very much :)

    I will check you blog every now and then!
    keep up the good work….


  33. Henry said

    Hi Christopher, i love the quality of your photos and i would like to know what gear you are using.

  34. Ian said

    Great pictures and stories as always. I was curious, which color film do you use, particularly on the latest Japan shots? Your photography is great though. You should get into medium format!

    • Thanks man, yea I have a Rolleiflex 2.8F but I haven’t really posted any of the film I have done with it. I have enough film to last me all of 2011 to be honest but I will have to break it up.

      • Ian said

        Ah sweet. Yeah I just got a bronica 6×6 to shoot medium format with. I love it but am still getting the hang of it. Great fun though!

  35. Gavin said

    It is awesome to see film being used for such good photography. Sir you certainly have an eye for good images and frankly if I worked in the motor journalism industry I would be asking to purchase your images on a regular basis. Keep up the good work, you make my daily boring job enjoyable eachtime I check the site..

    Gavin, Lancashire, England (Datsun 100a FII owner)

  36. Hey chris i dont know how to send this to you private but i thought id share with you..

    On ebay right now and mega cheap i think..

    and this datsun on a friends friend facebook pics in a recent trip tp japan..

    Oh and.. hello btw (=^.^=)

  37. Hi Chris, you’ve created what has become Hands down my favourite site to check out. Love your film work, spine tingling good. The Photography, the cars. All perfect. Keep it up brother.

  38. snowgood said

    Ah, those were the days. There was something really special about Jap cars, especially oin the early 70s.
    My favourites were Honda N600 (the first car I ever drove), Mazda Rx3, Rx4, Rx7, h u g e Toyota Crowns, little Toyota Starlets (RWD), Hinda Civics, sadly I never had much exposure to Datsuns, but they were great at bringing out new shapes, and models (way ahead of Europeans).
    We’ve had numerous Japs in the last 30 odd years, but they’re all so European now!

  39. Rick said

    Sup Chris, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I gotta say I like your taste! I’m down in Christchurch and am about to pull apart my GB120. It’s A12 is on its absolute last legs and barely runs, and to be honest I don’t wanna spend the moolah to rebuild it back to factory spec. Although its very much not your style, I thought you would be interested to hear that I am very likely chucking a 308 into it – I know it’ll handle like shit but all I care about is it ending up as unique as possible, I’m not the type to wanna follow trends and do what everyone else does so I’m steering away from the traditional A15/CA18/SR20 swap. A 5L V8 in such a lightweight chassis should be interesting though huh! I have the OK from my cert guy so now its all up to money, as usual. Anyways tell me what you think, maybe if I get a hold of a good camera and figure out WordPress I’ll start my own blog for the build eh? :D

    • Hey Rick. Yeah you’re right about it handling like crap! haha but yeah whatever you’re into dude. I think the main reason I love 1200s so much is because they are light weight and handle so well so to take that away would be pretty boring. Personally I wouldn’t judge how fun a 1200 is by the A12, they are fairly useless unless you put a lot of effort into them, even an A15 is a worthy upgrade. You no doubt will have thought of it already but imagine the size of the diff, gearbox, engine, brakes, wheels, tyres needed for something like that compared to stock items, it’s all going to become very heavy and out of proportion really fast. I would make it look cool if you wanted something different rather than a V8 but go for your life I suppose, as long as you finish it I’m sure you’ll have fun. Cheers

  40. Hello,

    I just wanted to say that I think your website is amazing.

    So much atmosphere in your shots, and the captions you add are great too.

    Keep up the great work, you officially have another daily watcher for updates.


  41. Jorge said

    hey what kind of camera do you use? I really would like to get into photography but i would love to learn to use a real film camera! So if you could help me out, please and thank you.

    • I use a range of Pentax Spotmatics, a Rolleiflex 2.8F, a plastic camera, canon 30, etc. Just get something manual and go take photos, I wouldn’t worry about gear to much

  42. Egis said

    great pictures, love them all !!

  43. Johnson Darcy said

    Hey hey

    Great pages. Better photo’s! Over the past few days i’ve gone back through ALL of your old posts. Inspiring me greatly. I also have a love for datsuns and photography but i’m no where near as talented as yourself.

    I recently picked up a KB110 1200 coupe over here in tassie. 100% stock as a rock! Plans are dump it on little 13’s with stretched tyres. Throw some extractors on it, with a single side draft weber and a manual conversion if i can muster up the courage! Looking for that jap spec look that’s going around these days.

    Travel well.

    Ps – How about a post showcasing your collection of wheels? I can imagine you have some kind of gold mine.

    • Cheers man, there is some good stuff in the archives that’s for sure! I think a lot of people who find beeoneoneoh don’t realise the extent of interest in Datsuns haha. If you ever get it low as you say be sure to send through some photos.

  44. COMEDY! said

    Hey man, Ive been following your site for sometime now and I just wanted to say you have the best datsun site on the internet, your photography is amazing and thanks for sharing.

    Best Regards, Kyle…

  45. Hi B110. The name is Nasmie Majiet and I am from South Africa. I have been following ur website since 2009. What a great site you have and keep up the good work. I am a old Datsun driver and still love driving them up to today. In 2009 I bought a A14 sunny truck and a friend from Japan introduced me to the TIS Cup racing where I thought it would be amazing to have that type of racing here in South Africa. We do have Datsun 1400 coupe but they there are less spares available for them every year. After finding your website and seeing the sunny trucks racing then that became my missing to promote A14 Sunny Truck Racing in South Africa.The A14 Sunny Trucks are available in South Africa by the millions. They only stopped making them in 2008 so spares are available in the billions. I was building and racing my A14 Sunny Truck until a month a ago when my sunny got stolen. Two weeks ago I bought a 1973 Datsun A12 sunny truck with original paint , no rust, original motor matching numbers, in very good condition. I would like to send you pics of what is happening in South Africa. For now you can check out my website at http://www.1400racing.webs.com . I have loads of your pics on there as well to help me promote the sport in South Africa. I will put up a link to your site from mine. How do I send you pics from South Africa or do you just download them from my website. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards Nasmie [ info@gripthis.co.za / http://www.1400racing.webs.com ]

    • Hi Nasmie
      If there is anywhere in the world where Sunny trucks should be raced it’s South Africa. Good to hear you’re supporting it there! I noticed you watermarked all the images you put up with your own watermark and even some with my address. I can’t help but suggest that it is very bad practice to watermark others photographs, regardless of what they are, without their permission. The photos of Japanese cars I found on my searches through the internet (disregarding my own) and as such I do not watermark them. I provide a link to the source where ever possible and I suggest this is the best way to show credit for sourcing images :) Keep up the Datsun racing man.

  46. Hi Christopher. So sorry about the watermark thing. I can work on it and change it all to its original form if you so wish. Thanks for hooking up with me, I hope you liked our pics of the Datsun’s we are racing and that I will see some of ours pics on your site as well. Where are you situated, I need you to send me more pics of sunny trucks. Speak to you soon.

  47. Howsit Christopher, just wanted to say I have been reading your blog recently and absolutely love it! Keep up the good work dude, it is great to see people that are so passionate about Datsun’s in all corners of the world, as not many people give these little cars the respect they deserve here in South Africa. I have linked your blog on mine, have a look when you get a chance? http://dattosankureiji.wordpress.com

  48. JAY48 said

    Hi Christopher, you’ve snapped some great photos of vintage Japanese cars! I’m a Corolla KE72 owner, nothing fancy though, just a bone stock, close-to-original looking white wagon!
    Best regards,
    Jay (Sri Lanka- where all vintage Japanese cars are JDM!)

  49. johnson darcy said

    hey man,

    i’ve posted on here a few times and love your style but i just a quick datsun tech questions… s13 ca18 brakes + ssr mk2’s 13×7 +-0? have you done this? any clearance issues?

    many thanks

    • I only fitted S13 brakes temporarily and I wouldn’t ever recommend them. They’re heavy, average, and don’t do wonders for choice of wheels. I haven’t tried that exact combo, but all I can say is that it’s likely to be very close and I’d put my money on you having clearance issues. Good luck

      • thanks for the reply man. im surprised at your opinion on the s13’s! the guys over at datsun1200.com swear by this combo hence why i’m in the process of collecting bits and pieces. what do you run instead out of curiosity?

      • Yeah but that’s because most of them run 14s, 15s and generally just skinny and boring wheels.
        If it’s just a street car, a well serviced (with decent pads) B110 coupe or 120Y disk brake set up are adequate (and even for drifting as you don’t require much heaving braking as I’ve found). If you’re after something for the track then why are you considering heavy, poorly performing factory brakes? Get into some Wilwoods and match them with some factory disks. You’re still going to have to make an adapter for the calipers for the S13 brakes so may as well build a light, well performing set up that is still going to be worth something later on. They aren’t even really expensive in my opinion!

  50. Nice cars , i Show my car

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