Welcome to the Small Tyres page.
I’ve searched for as many tyres in cool/oddball sizes as I can and listed them here for reference. Many countries don’t import the more unconventional sizes so I’m not positive you can get all of them but at least it gives a starting point.

Kings Tire
Pneumatic Aixam
Michelin Proxima

Toyo NP01
Toyo Transas Teo
Bridgestone B-Style
Bridgestone Sneaker
Dunlop ECO EC201
Yokohama DNA ECOS ES300

Yokohama Avid 5306
Yokohama Neova AD07
Yokohama DNA ECOS ES300
Bridgestone Pneus Novus
Bridgestone Grid 2
Goodyear Eagle LS2000
Dunlop Lemans LM703
Potenza RE-01
Kumho 7400

Pirelli p7002
Goodyear Eagle Touring
Nankang XR611
Nankang EX500
Accelera Gamma
Vredestein T-Trac SI

Yokohama A539
Yokohama A048 semi slick
Bridgestone Potenza RE720
Sumitomo htr200
Dunlop SP3000
Sime Astar
Continental Sportcontact
Pirelli P7000

Continental ContiSports
Dunlop SP Sport 9000

Bridgestone Playz PZ-1
Bridgestone B-Syle EX
Falken ZE512
Federal FD1
Goodyear Eagle LS2000
Goodyear Revspec RS02
Yokohama DNA ECOS ES300
Dunlop Direzza DZ101
Michelin Pilot Preceda
Hankook Ventus K102
Nankang NS-2
Nankang AS-2

Yokohama Advan Neova
Bridgestone RE040

Federal FD1
Goodyear Eagle LS2000
Goodyear Lemans LM703
Yokohama DNA ECOS ES300
Yokohama DNA ES331
Yokohama Neova AD07
Bridgestone B-Style EX
Bridgestone Playz PZ-1
Bridgestone Potenza
Toyo Tranpath Sports
Toyo Tranpath MP3
Michelin Pilot Preceda
Hankook Ventus K102

Yokohama A539
Fulda Carat Attiro
Uniroyal Rainsport

Toyo Proxes
Continental Sportcontact

Toyo T1-r
Continental Sportcontact
Federal Formoza
Hankook Ventus K105
Uniroyal rainsports
Falken ZE912

Nankang NS-2
Bridgestone Potenza RE040

Nankang NS-2

24 Responses to “Small Tyres Page”

  1. Phildo said

    you don’t have 175/60 R13 yo! They come in Yokohama A drive as well as Federal Formoza FD-1

  2. colink said

    Interesting list this

  3. beeoneoneoh said

    Phildo, that’s because 175/60’s blow! haha

  4. Ed said

    I’ve got some 185/50×14’s made by Continental. They are curiously wide for a 185 though …probably more like a 205. The sidewalls sit square on a 7j rim so they’d be better on an 8j.

  5. disco bob said

    what about 12’s????!

  6. beeoneoneoh said

    I never said it was a complete page…. 12’s are rad

  7. Phil said

    You’ve probably seen this already but http://www.tyrestretch.com lists pretty much every combo known to man.

    Good list going here though. Would be cool to get it quite NZ centric – e.g. peoples experience with which helpful tyre retailers will actually have or order them in for a customer and indicative pricing.

  8. yana said

    are bridgestone sneakers only for snowy road??

    can be use for long distant travel in malaysia??

  9. shaun said

    Are all of these available in nz? have tried emailing a few places around about 155/55/14 and
    165/55/14 but noone seems to have them… will try ringing over summer holidays when im home but just wondering if people here have got these in nz before?

    • beeoneoneoh said

      Not at all are available in NZ and it might take some swinging to get a few of them but I have seen some in NZ yes. Find someone who doesn’t blow as most places won’t even try and just say they can’t get them. Persistence.

  10. I lost my bookmarking for this page and have found it again. Great list, man!

  11. oli said

    155/55/14 nankang ns-2’s and as-2’s

    sweet list of little tyres too

  12. DatRat said

    Check these out pretty good sizes

  13. Mr. Moons said

    The Sumitomo HTR 200 is available in 215/50/13.

    I think that’s pretty freakin’ crazy.

  14. nicky wyatt said

    i use 240.525.13 dunlop slicks wide and small they suit my datsun 1200 coupe race car mint

  15. wagon1200 said

    Missing a falken tyre

    195/45 R14
    185/55 R14
    165/60 R12
    175/60 R13
    185/60 R13
    205/60 R13
    165/60 R14
    175/60 R14
    185/60 R14
    195/60 R14
    205/60 R14

  16. mark said

    had a pair of bridgestone TS-01 155-55-14 come in from japan. directional too! were on the 26 at bellagio meet 2010 if you remember…

  17. mark said

    ooh add these babies! 155/55/14 Bridgestone RE-11 http://www.nengun.com/bridgestone/potenza-re-11

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