White KP1

July 22, 2011

One of my absolute favourite things about these old Japanese cars we are so keen on is that essentially they are family cars. Econo-boxes turned cool over time and adored for their simplicity and honesty in design. More so to the point however, is that they look so perfect with few changes. I guess now everyone recognises the basic ‘lower and cool wheels’ formula, but I think there is no better group of cars that are appreciated by this, than the KP, KE and the B.

This is my all time favourite colour combo for any old Japanese car and it’s almost exactly what I’ve been planning for the truck. That is: white with black grill, halogen lights, chrome bumper, fender mirrors and polished wheels. I can only look forward to when the truck is looking this perfect!


4 Responses to “White KP1”

  1. Isidro said

    Perfect. Earlier today I was looking for Starlet pictures. You read my mind.

  2. Nigel said

    Wish I could find a good one here (Canada).

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