Mt Wellington May 2013

I forgot to post about the last track day I attended back in May, here it is:

Another great weekend at Mt Wellington, I was really enjoying myself and got some great starts which I was pretty stoked on. In the second points race I was following Henk around as he tried and succeeded to past Dave Diprose in the mid field. Feeling very confident in myself I started to line him up too but I ran out of talent and ate shit into turn one when I grabbed too much brake. Thankfully my dad was shooting on that corner and managed a few frames of me skipping along the concrete. I got away with a solid bit of rash on my hip which swelled up pretty impressively and a sprained thumb but otherwise pretty good… bike still goes.

Time to update the 13 and 7 year old tires, get a smaller rear sprocket and some more practice I think. Never the less I still managed a 31.03s PB lap in that last race which is my best time to date on Mt Wellington. SO close to that 30s bracket!

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Suzuki GP125

December 11, 2012

So I bought another bike… that’s two bikes and soon to be 3 cars… sigh.
We drove 8 hours in the day round trip to pick up this (what I’d call a) bargain and I’m stoked! Pictured above it my old man Simon who turned 61 on Monday, (happy birthday dad!) having a hoon up the driveway and in general causing a ruckus. I did this for quite some time by the way, all the while with a dumb grin on my face, two strokes are better than four!

It’s a Suzuki GP125: a single cylinder rotary valve air cooled 125cc 2 stroke motorcycle. It’s a bit rough but runs really nice and absolutely craps on my old Honda CG125 when it gets up into the power band. I have lots of plans for next year and I hope to include this within it. Just for reference, there is an awesome guy by the name of Rob who owns a motorcycle dyno, does a lot! of home tuning and makes 30hp out of his own GP125 engine in a FZR frame… that’s 240hp per litre and it’s air cooled! I’ve been on the track at Mt Wellington with it and man is it quick. It just needs a track with a bit of leg room and it’d wipe the floor with us. Well Rob and his team of mates who all race buckets (F4 class) have put the specs and a how to on building a 30hp GP125 up on the internet to follow and build your own. It’s tempting and I would be lying if I wasn’t going to tweak this thing up at least a bit but we’ll see what happens first.

I’m also buying a van tomorrow for the North Island Series and for summer surf missions so everything is fitting into plan nicely. Bring on the holiday!!!

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