July 7, 2013

Where the magic happens // Benelli at Hampton Downs 2013 // Medium format film

print display

May 22, 2011

I’ve been busy printing. The square images are medium format enlargements from the a man’s two wheels series of which the Bultaco photo (bottom right) is my favourite. The balletic image is from rätta till, the top two on the right are from a point beacon and the bottom right is a photo I call shallow water blackout (really have to hold the image to appreciate it).

I began to write about my process or even the thoughts I have towards these images but they’re always best seen in the flesh. I have picked these photos purposefully as each photo does take a substantial amount of time to produce and I’m happy how every one has come out. There are plans for a presentation but I must work around university. Medium format is the biz, I only wish I could afford to shoot it 100%. I picked up a new camera this week which I’m excited for in a silly kind of way, I should really take a photo of the collection it’s becoming a bit stupid. Enjoy.

January 3, 2011

Two photos from the first roll of film off my Rolleiflex. After picking up the relic, the sky had opened up from the usual rain clouds making the decision easy on where to test it out first… the mariner of course. A morning fish and a snorkel around The Noisies had me dreaming of a life on the ocean which made me recall these photos. The sharpness of Delta 100 from the Planar lens is incredible and the mix of textures, tones and clash of lines make these photos stand out from the rest of the roll.

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