July 9, 2013

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I first have to apologise that the old server that I used to host my photographs off (my mothers) has stuffed up and now denies everyone access to view most of beeoneoneoh. I’m sure you would have noticed if you have tried to view the cream or any of my old posts. It sucks but the effort it requires to reupload and change the links to all 1300 odd posts that are broken is phenomenal. EDIT: Whilst most posts are still not working, I’ve re-hosted and edited some of the cream posts which have scans I’ve done.

Since the beginning of beeoneoneoh I’ve been fizzing on this car, in fact it was one of the first cars I ever posted about. I took some scans a long time ago now (where does it all go?) and I’ve rehosted them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy my favourite Datsun 1200 Coupe below, follow this link to the original post then click the link in that post too (now fixed). It’s a desktop background size too!


October 20, 2011

Rick’s little 1200 now has the hungry power of a SR20DET pushing it along but we cannot forget the A15 which thrashed so many new Hondas in SS2000!

For anyone wanting to check out Mr. Hirota’s Tomei Sunny coupe up close, I suggest viewing the above video. You may not learn to much from the Japanese commentary but you may from the up close shots. The second is from the Tsukuba meeting this year


August 2, 2011

Heavy read and big Advan A3As. Note: the Mazda R100 to the left of it.



July 30, 2011

Tsukuba JCCA Summer meeting 2011
JCCA 筑波サマーミーティング 2011.07.10

Via: Mr. Hirota aka Papa’s Voice

Hayabusa Datsun 1200

July 18, 2011

Two words that would usually never be uttered in the same sentence: Hayabusa Datsun. I can appreciate this. It has stayed true to what makes Datsun 1200s so awesome, light weight and small capacity but is clearly on another level of cool. Something tells me that the clutch and maybe the gearbox wouldn’t however, be cool with 200 clutch kicks though. Note the angled drive shaft fitted to the factory ‘busa gearbox. Watch and oogle.

Rick Bone, the man behind NZ’s fastest KB110 is upping the power with a SR20DET! Apparently the 250HP A15 wasn’t enough of an animal and aims for a conservative and reliable 300HP by the way of a dry sump setup, Tomei cams and springs, injectors, Eagle rods and JE pistons. Something tells me that it may be a bit overkill for just 300HP and more will come when it’s dialled in but we will see. Rick says the plan is to race in NZGT or GT2 depending on how fast it goes and will be starting with 300HP at the wheels with no weight restrictions. A little bit disappointed the A15 got the boot I asked if there were plans for it to go back in the future and Rick replied saying he hopes to return it back to it’s original form at some stage. I’m unsure what he has done with the rear end but I think the H165 that was in there before has remained, fingers crossed it hangs in there as I will be testing the durability of them soon enough too.  The car will be at Nisfest as well as on the track throughout the season if anyone wants to stop in to watch some new car hammering. Thanks to Rick and Nicky for the photos and I wait eagerly for it’s debut.

Ian’s New Years video

June 27, 2011

My friend Ian was lucky enough to get to the JCCA New Years Meet on his visit to Japan last year, one of the biggest and best old car meets in Japan. He laid down a track of commentary for us whilst having a look around the Sunnys. Cheers Ian

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